Surrending your Westie

Sometimes in life things happen we can not control. Regardless of our efforts to hold onto the things we love, we must do what is best for all involved. Sometimes that means relinquishing your pet to a rescue.

Westie Rescue of Missouri is here to help make that transition easier. Our trained volunteers are not there to judge you, we are simply there to help you. All our homes are pre-approved, pre-inspected and vet referenced.

We interview our homes via email and telephone to assure the best possible placement for our Westies. Therefore, if you have come to that place in your life where you can no longer care for the needs of your Westie(s), for whatever reason, please call, email or fill out and submit the form below. The nearest representative will contact you within 24-72 hours. Please like us on FaceBook and message our group for a fast reply. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET TO A SHELTER!! Most owner surrendered dogs are FIRST to be put to sleep for space.  PLEASE, wait for our response. We WANT to help. Your Westie deserves so much more than that.

Please email Westie Rescue of Missouri today. A volunteer will be in contact with you shortly.

If yes, what type - Avid, Home Again, etc.
Please explain the type of home you feel would best fit your pet(s).
We will need a copy of all medical records for the pet(s) you are surrendering.
This helps in making the transition into rescue less stressful for your pet(s).
In the meantime, please do NOT place an ad on Craigslist or take your pet to a shelter!
This is not required, but every penny helps in the care of our rescues.